This is the first Lua telemetry screen script. It can be used to add an additional telemetry screen to any model. OpenTX firmware version 2.1 or greater is needed to use the script. You can edit the script yourself to change what information that is displayed.

Do like this:

  • Download the telemetry screen script from here: Download Link

  • Create a folder on the radio microSD card called SCRIPTS (if it does not already exist)

  • Create a folder in the SCRIPTS folder called TELEMETRY (if it does not already exist)

  • Place the script file in the folder. The path should read: /SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY/telem1.lua

  • In the model settings go to the telemetry page, select “script” for the type of a custom screen, and select telem2.lua.

The new telemetry screen should now appear in the model’s telemetry pages.


08 September 2016