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OpenTX is open source firmware for RC radio transmitters. The firmware is highly configurable and brings much more features than found in traditional radios. The daily feedback from the thousands of users ensures the continued stability and quality of the firmware.
Read more about which radios are supported.

OpenTX Companion Logo

The team also develops the OpenTX Companion transmitter support software. OpenTX Companion is used for many different tasks like loading OpenTX firmware to the radio, backing up model settings, editing settings and running radio simulators.
OpenTX Companion is available for Windows, Apple OSX and Linux.

OpenTX Sound Logo

There are two applications available for creating and managing the soundfiles used by OpenTX.
OpenTX Speaker is used to generate voice files for OpenTX by using synthetic speech. OpenTX Recorder is used to record voice files via a microphone.
Both programs can generate sound files for all OpenTX voice languages. Every radio message, including system messages, can be changed.
OpenTX Speaker and OpenTXRecorder are available for Windows7.


The first step to upgrade your radio with the latest OpenTX version is to install OpenTX Companion on your computer.
Then you select the firmware configuration you want and let OpenTX Companion download and install it to your radio.
You can find the latest OpenTX Companion versions in Downloads. Since 2.2 the changelogs for each release are in the news posts below.



Please read this page for information about getting OpenTX for your product.