We are happy to bring you the bugfix release version of OpenTX 2.3.9. This version fixes two issues introduced in 2.3.8 (https://www.open-tx.org/2020/06/13/opentx-2.3.8)

Download and install Companion and use it to retrieve and transfer the latest OpenTX firmware to your radio after configuring the proper radio type.

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New since 2.3.8

Colorlcd radios
  • Fix an issue where companion would pop an error message when flashing the new otx firmwares
  • Revert non working fix for “overflow on flight mode change with large mixer weights” [#7623]. This bugfix is now scheduled for 2.3.10

SDCard content for 2.3.9

OpenTX Companion 2.3.9 - Windows Installer
If you get an error about “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll missing” install MS VC++ runtime.

OpenTX Companion 2.3.9 - Mac OS X Disk Image

OpenTX Companion 2.3.9 - Linux DEB Package 64-bit

If you need help please refer to the the great communities e.g. openrcforums or RCGroups. You can pop in our chat room where other users and/or devs may be available.


14 June 2020