All Platforms

  • Limits are now -125:0 and 0:125 instead of -125:25 and -25:125
  • INPUTS instead of STICKS for BL activation
  • Curves presets bug fix


  • Fix bug with Battery calibration
  • 14051 can be used for THR and AIL connections (telemetry)
  • CH1 PPM output was truncated

Boards with SD card

  • Flight mode sound files now are read from: /SOUNDS/(lang)/modelname/fpname-ON.wav and /SOUNDS/(lang)/modelname/fpname-OFF.wav

FrSky Taranis

  • Rx voltage was not displayed on main screen if VFAS or CELLS chosen
  • GVARS can now refer to the GVAR of another phase
  • Vario and Altitude bug fixes
  • PPM UNIT=PREC0 / US taken into account in channels view
  • DJT removed and receiver number hidden from PXX settings when proto != D16


30 August 2013