Zading 2.1.0 was recently released. The earlier 2.0.1 version had problems with USB3 stacks and crashed on certain machines. One example of such problematic machines are Samsung Ultrabooks running Windows 7.

Not being able to use Zadig made it quite hard to install the necessary STM32 device driver. Without this the Taranis can not be flashed from a Windows machine. The new Zadig version is highly recomended.

The Zadig developer (Pete Batard/Akeo) has moved the Zadig home page from Sourceforge to a private domain. You can download Zadig 2.1.0 from it:

Older releases:
The older Zadig v2.0.1.160 for Windows XP(no longer recommended):
Download Link

The older Zadig v2.0.1.160 for Windows Vista and later(no longer recommended:
Download Link


22 February 2014