A long standing request for OpenTX is a more beginner friendly way of setting up models. Once you have set up one or two models it is very easy to add additional ones, but the first model can be a challenge. Especially if you have used other “locked” radio systems previously. Templates make life a bit easier, but are not a complete solution since you need to understand how they should be adapted to fit your needs.

This is why the OpenTX team have added a model Wizard function for OpenTX 2.0. The model wizard will let you answer a number of questions and as a result a model will be set up for you according to your specific model.

The Wizard is implemented in Lua-scripting and is not part of the actual OpenTX firmware. This means that the you need to download and place the wizard files on the microSD-card in the radio yourself. Support for this may be added to Companion at a later time, but at the moment the installation is manual.

Other limitations are that the wizard is only available in English and for the Taranis.

Do like this:

  • Download the wizard from here: Download Link

  • Unzip the files.

  • Create a folder on the microSD card called TEMPLATES (OpenTX 2.0.1 - 2.0.2) or /SCRIPTS/WIZARD (OpenTX 2.0.3 or greater)

  • Place all the unzipped files in the folder.

That is it. The next time you create a model in OpenTX 2.0, the wizard will be opened and lead you through the definition.


02 June 2014