We are happy to bring you OpenTX 2.2.1, with support for the production version of the FrSky Horus X10 / X10S and X7S radios!

PLEASE NOTE the following important information before hastily jumping on it: Please back up your models and settings before upgrading so that you can go back to your previous version should you not like 2.2.1 or find issues that make it unsuitable for you. Use the “backup radio to file” companion feature for this to have an exact copy of what was on your radio.

  • The manual has not yet updated to include all Horus documentation/OpenTX 2.2 changes, so get yourself a good coffee to wake up, and refer to the great communities for help e.g. openrcforums here, RCGroups and threads like this one. You can pop in our chat room where other users and/or devs may be available.

  • Check during companion install that it installs itself in the correct directory, usually you want “Companion 2.2”. If you used 2.2 release candidates a bug may cause it to install itself in “Companion 2.1”, potentially overwriting your 2.1 install.

  • Companion supports reading and writing Horus firmware when the radio is powered off and then connected to USB, using dfu-util and the libusb drivers installed by Zadig, exactly like for the Taranis. See the “Flashing your Taranis Radio” section in this manual. Companion can back up existing firmware (see note below in known issues) including the stock FrSky one (save as .bin), and can flash the FrSky DFU bootloader so that no other tool and/or driver swapping is needed. You might need to disable the “Check hardware compatibility” checkbox in the flashing dialog.

  • SD card contents can be found here. Download the correct archive for your radio type, extract it to the root of an empty SD card and you’ll have all needed files. Please note that some existing OpenTX sound packs that where designed for 2.1 won’t work due to changes in the naming strategy, so you’ll likely want to use those that are included in this archive until popular 3rd-party packs are adapted.

  • OpenTX does not touch the internal flash of production Horus radios. Its contents do not need to be backed up and are not accessible in any way when OpenTX firmware is loaded.

  • There is no bootloader on Horus at this point. The SD card can be accessed while the radio is powered on and choosing the relevant option on USB pluging.

  • Due to changes introduces by Horus, image, sound, and script file names for ALL radio are restricted to 6 characters in most places.


  • By default, the setting for companion is to download release only firmware, you NEED to go to settings/settings/application settings and set it to “Use releases and release candidates (testing)” to get new radio firmware or simply 2.2.1 firmware.

  • Companion now offers assistance for model conversion from one radio type to another. The transferred models NEED to be completely checked and validated before being used, as some things like switches assignments may not get converted properly. The proper way to transfer models from one radio to the other is: Select a profile for the destination radio, read the settings from the destination radio, open the source file or read the source radio, drag models onto the destination radio’s window, write destination radio.

  • The first versions of Frsky X10/X10s misuse the USB-C port for charging its internal battery. Do not plug anything else in there. For more details see here: FAQ for X10/X10s USB-C port

Known issues:

  • If you get an “Invalid Language” error when trying to download firmware after upgrading from 2.1 open the profile settings and reselect your radio type, even if it is already correct.
  • The progress bar in companion when reading firmware from a Horus is broken and will reach 100% at only 25% progress. Just wait, the window will close when the process is finished.
  • Horus X12S production version and beta version use different hardware. Companion defaults to production hardware, for beta radios check the “pcbdev” firmware option in the profile settings.

Download and install Companion and use it to retrieve and transfer the latest OpenTX firmware to your radio after configuring the proper radio type.

MUST READ : Changes RESET function. There as been a major change between 2.2.0 and 2.2.1x on reset fonction. In the past, the reset function would be called only once. In 2.2.1x, the reset is executed periodicaly while the reset condition remains true. It does NOT means however that the target value will stay at 0 during that period, just that it will be periodicaly reset.

MUST READ : Binding Options is no longer a firmware choice, it is now part of baseline OpenTX. It means that when you are binding with a suitable module, a popup will appear when binding, asking you to make a choice on telemetry and channels available on receiver output pins (not SBUS). The effect of that choice depends on the receiver firmware type and version, please check receiver release notes and manuals for more details.

Main changes since 2.2.0

  • FrSky Radio: support for X10 and X10S radio
  • FrSky Radio: support for X7S radio
  • FrSky Radio: enable wireless trainer between the following models : X7S, X12S, X10, X10S.
  • FrSky Radio: add an alert on radio shutdown if model is still powered (requires telemetry receiver)
  • FrSky Radio: massstorage option has been removed. When plugin the radio to USB, you have a choice between accessing SDcard or using the radio as a joystick (choice can also be setup in radio settings)
  • FrSky Radio: model name now played after ‘hello’
  • FrSky Radio: telemetry UART errors can now been seen in the third stats screen. See also here
  • FrSky Radio: update SxR script to support ‘quick mode’
  • FrSky Radio: fix SDcard size and format issue
  • FrSky Radio: add support for R9M receiver and module
  • FrSky Radio: add Russian support to audio language list (audio sound pack not supplied. Thx Alex!)
  • FrSky Radio: add support for R9M module
  • FrSky Horus: lua theme support fixed
  • FrSky Horus: pilotposition is updated if proper fix is available on internal GPS
  • FrSky Horus: fix channel monitor in some case of reversed channels
  • FrSky Horus: add SHADOWED text attribute to LUA
  • FrSky Horus: add FAI Choice option
  • FrSky X9/X7: displays in which models receiver ID is used if trying to use and existing one
  • FrSky X9: fix corrupts GVAR Min/Max on upgrade from 2.1.x
  • FrSky X9: allow viewing LS 17-32 on main view
  • FrSky X7: improve vario support (varioCenterSilent)
  • FrSky X7: add multiplier to RPM sensor
  • FrSky X7: add drawPixmap to x7 LUA
  • FrSky X7: add sleep bitmap
  • FrSky X7: fix copy trim -> subtrim
  • FrSky X7: review “Switches” pages to better match available switches
  • Frsky Radios and Sky9X: add SBUS output for external module. This runs at VBAT voltage
  • Sky9X: better overall support
  • Multi: allow syncing multi output with Multimodule radio frames (reduces latency) and allow setting failsafe for AFDS2A, requires experimental Multi code
  • Multi : failsafe configuration will only show up if multi module reports to support failsafe via telemetry
  • TBS: improved Crossfire support
  • LUA: add getUsage() function that returns percent of already used up instructions in current script execution cycle
  • LUA: getDateTime now additionnaly returns time in AM/PM format
  • LUA: allow global functions to run LUA scripts
  • LUA : improve wizard (shorter names for mixes, thx LapinFou!)
  • Companion: there is now a single choice for both firmware and companion branch
  • Companion: various print fixes
  • Companion: add ability to export flight session to its own CSV log file
  • Companion: add PPA support for lastest Ubuntu
  • Companion: add model checklist editor
  • Companion: bundle avrdude for OS X companion
  • Companion: fix crash at startup when importing settings from previous version
  • Companion: fix crash at startup due to SSL library conflicts
  • Companion: reformatted Inputs & Mixes lists, improved drag-and-drop operations
  • Companion: add options to log all debug/simulator output to files
  • Companion: fix inverted RSSI default between low and critical
  • Companion: limit contrast when migrating eeprom
  • Companion: add multiprotocol failsafe settings
  • Companion: fox GVar min corruption on update
  • Companion: several fixes to eeprom convertion
  • Simulator: fix GPS coordinate format errors on telemetry log playback

Download links:

SDCard content for 2.2.1 (2.2v0013)

SDCard changes since 2.2.0 :

  • updated x9 wizard
  • add x10 picures
  • update SxR scripts
  • update Horus widgets to include SHADOWED option
  • add crossfire scripts

OpenTX Companion 2.2.1 - Windows Installer If you get an error about “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll missing” install MS VC++ runtime.

OpenTX Companion 2.2.1 - Mac OS X Disk Image

OpenTX Companion 2.2.1 - Linux DEB Package 64-bit

OpenTX Companion 2.2.1 - Ubuntu PPA (i386 and amd64)


16 December 2017