We are happy to bring you this minor release of OpenTX 2.2.3. This version is a minor release, mainly aimed at giving you small updates without having to wait next major version.

PLEASE NOTE the following important information before hastily jumping on it: Please back up your models and settings before upgrading so that you can go back to your previous version should you not like 2.2.3 or find issues that make it unsuitable for you. Use the “backup radio to file” companion feature for this to have an exact copy of what was on your radio.

  • The manual has not yet updated to include all Horus documentation/OpenTX 2.2 changes, so get yourself a good coffee to wake up, and refer to the great communities for help e.g. openrcforums here, RCGroups and threads like this one. You can pop in our chat room where other users and/or devs may be available.

  • Check during companion install that it installs itself in the correct directory, usually you want “Companion 2.2”. If you used 2.2.0 release candidates a bug may cause it to install itself in “Companion 2.1”, potentially overwriting your 2.1 install.

  • SD card contents can be found here. Download the correct archive for your radio type, extract it to the root of an empty SD card and you’ll have all needed files. Please note that some existing OpenTX sound packs that where designed for 2.1 won’t work due to changes in the naming strategy, so you’ll likely want to use those that are included in this archive until popular 3rd-party packs are adapted.

  • OpenTX does not touch the internal flash of production Horus radios. Its contents do not need to be backed up and are not accessible in any way when OpenTX firmware is loaded.

  • Due to changes introduced by Horus, images, sounds, and scripts files names for ALL radio are restricted to 6 characters in most places.


  • If you were using 2.2.3 nightlies, you will want to set companion back to downloading release versions only to get the release firmware.

  • Companion now offers assistance for model conversion from one radio type to another. The transferred models NEED to be completely checked and validated before being used, as some things like switches assignments may not get converted properly. The proper way to transfer models from one radio to the other is: Select a profile for the destination radio, read the settings from the destination radio, open the source file or read the source radio, drag models onto the destination radio’s window, write destination radio.

  • The first versions of Frsky X10/X10s misuse the USB-C port for charging its internal battery. Do not plug anything else in there. For more details see here: FAQ for X10/X10s USB-C port

  • Horus X12S production version and beta version use different hardware. Companion defaults to production hardware, for beta radios check the “pcbdev” firmware option in the profile settings.

Known issues:

  • If you get an “Invalid Language” error when trying to download firmware after upgrading from 2.1 open the profile settings and reselect your radio type, even if it is already correct.
  • The progress bar in companion when reading firmware from a Horus is broken and will reach 100% at only 25% progress. Just wait, the window will close when the process is finished.

Download and install Companion and use it to retrieve and transfer the latest OpenTX firmware to your radio after configuring the proper radio type.

Main changes since 2.2.2

  • R9M: support for Flex firmware, clarified 1W level (auto-adjust up to 1W on current R9M firmware)
  • GasSuite: fix telemetry for newer firmwares (requires sensor delete and rescan)
  • X7/X9E/Horus: power button is now considered as a key for backlight operation
  • X7/X9E/Horus: allow shutdown while model notes are displayed
  • xlite: fix telemetry bars settings field
  • ARM non FrSky radios: add bindings options for XJT module
  • All radios with PAGE key: prevent page change during editing
  • FlySky telemetry : treat volts data as signed values
  • Crossfire/X9E: standardise wheel direction in Crossfire lua scripts
  • Companion: fix PREC2 telemetry data offset transfers
  • Companion: fix model compare switch warning for Horus (Thx Elecpower)
  • Companion: fix GVAR popup handling
  • Companion: Remove stale top bar setting for Horus
  • Companion: fix telem. sensor offset decimals not updating properly when precision is changed
  • Companion: fix file editor paste/insert actions not properly updating when clipboard data changes externally
  • Companion: Release notes menu item now points to the open-tx.org website
  • Companion: Display filename in model edit window title
  • Simulator: fix mixer outputs monitor not updating when channel value hasn’t change
  • Simulator: fix telemetry simulator A3 & A4 values not being sent properly
  • Simulator: fix telemetry simulator log reader parsing for “Cels(V)” column
  • Multiprotocol: new protocols added (thx MRC3742)
  • Horus bootloader: Rotary encoder operation fixed (no more need for 2 clicks per line)
  • Speech: Dutch added/fixed

Download links:

SDCard content for 2.2.3 (2.2V0018)

SDCard changes since 2.2.2:

  • Fix german ‘sensor verloren’
  • Various fixes for spanish

OpenTX Companion 2.2.3 - Windows Installer If you get an error about “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll missing” install MS VC++ runtime.

OpenTX Companion 2.2.3 - Mac OS X Disk Image

OpenTX Companion 2.2.3 - Linux DEB Package 64-bit

OpenTX Companion 2.2.3 - Ubuntu PPA (i386 and amd64)


06 January 2019