Because of a critical bug that needed an urgent release, 2.3.2 nightlies have been moved to 2.3.3 nightlies. Content is the same, it is just a change in version number.

Stable release for T16 and all the other changes previously in 2.3.2 nightlies will therefore be called 2.3.3, and RC for this 2.3.3 release should be available fairly soon.

Please back up your models and settings before upgrading so that you can go back to your previous version should you not like 2.3.3 nightlies or find issues that make it unsuitable for you. Use the “backup radio to file” companion 2.2 feature for this to have an exact copy of what was on your radio.


Those are HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL, untested build, that can work one day and crash the next one, or the other way arround: a lot of changes are still happening on 2.3.3 nightlies.

Known issues:

The list of open bugs for 2.3 can be found here:

Download and install Companion and use it to retrieve and transfer the latest OpenTX firmware to your radio after configuring the proper radio type.

What’s new in 2.3.3:

This are the main changes in, or comming to, 2.3.3 nightlies

  • Full support for JumperRC T16 (data migration from JumperTX is not supported), including internal multimodule
  • Multiprotocol modules (AVR and STM) can now be flashed directly from OpenTX (requires the Multiprotocol module bootloader to be installed)
  • Support for bidirectionnal telemetry communication (Betaflight scripts, HoTT receiver configuration…)
  • Lots of new features going along with Multi v1.3.0.x: channel order display, disable channel mapping, disable telemetry…
  • New protocols added to multi between OpenTX release will be directly available in OpenTX (“custom” are being removed)
  • Multi trainer: multiprotocol module can now be used as a trainer source (not working on some radio due to hardware limitations)

OpenTX team wishes to thank the Multiprotocol team for their work and very nice collaboration, you guys rule!

Download links:

SDCard content for 2.3 nightlies

OpenTX Nightly Companion 2.3 - Windows Installer If you get an error about “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-I1-1-0.dll missing” install MS VC++ runtime.

OpenTX Companion 2.3 - Mac OS X Disk Image

OpenTX Companion 2.3 - Linux DEB Package 64-bit


17 November 2019